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About Us


SaGiRaa is a brand born in the abode of Indian desi cow breeds (Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi) in Thayumanavar A2 Dairy Farms in Trichy. Our dairy farm provides a friendly & healthy environment for our A2 desi cows who produce high-quality A2 milk in its purest form. Inspired by our rich Indian tradition, our SaGiRaa A2 Ghee, Sweets, Savories, and Ice creams are prepared in our home kitchen at our farm using natural means, delivering the most authentic experience possible. Today, our SaGiRaa range of naturally made products is sold across our country and in a few international markets as well. We are very passionate about providing the most authentic products & great eating experience to our valuable consumers in India & Abroad, in turn, supporting our community of farmers & retain our rich dairy tradition. Our SaGiRaa brand promise is to deliver the purest A2 milk, Traditional Sweets & Savories, A2 Ghee, Ice Creams, and Natural Forest Honey directly from our farm to your home.


Our humble journey began in November 2017, we bought 1 desi cow for our own purpose. On Sundays, we usually offer the leftover milk to our friends and families. With overwhelming feedback that we got from our friends and family made us embark on this path. We started researching more on top desi Indian cow breeds that produce A2 pure milk. We also started exploring traditional Indian sweets produced with our pure A2 milk &ghee. SaGiRaa became the brand it is today thanks to the immense support of our friends and family, as well as our own passion.